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Our Team.

As a Female Owned Business, we take pride in who we hire as that is the face of our business. We want to make sure that our team consists of people that not only we can trust, but so can you.

We have a great team that makes sure your project is completed to all of our standards. Our Team believes in treating our clients homes just like thier own and take serious pride in the work thier work. Our Team believes that the project isn't done till our customer has a smile on thier face. We have a crew of assistants that also help on projects but below we would like to introduce the main part of our team that you will always find on your job site or handling your quotes.

Michael is our General Manager and Dog Lover! He has been in the business for over 20 years and has great knowledge and experience. He handles all of the customer quotes and is onsite everyday to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you have an animal, don't feel like you need to lock it up, Michael will be best friends with your pet by the end of the first day.

Vincent is our Team Lead. He has been with our team for almost 4 years and all of our customers love him. We call him Mr. Smiles or Human Resources. He is always in a good mood and smiling and makes sure that everyone on the team is being professional and polite. He is also a big animal lover who immediately makes friends with all of our customers animals.

Garrett is our Onsite Assistant who is always helping the team with any tasks big or small. He has been with us for a few years now. We call him Mr Cowboy Boots because no matter how hot it was, he was wearing his cowboy boots with his cutoff jean shorts. We went ahead a bought him a few pairs of good tennis shoes but still call him Mr. Cowboy Boots!

Aurelio is our Painter. He has been our only painter since we started the business. Aurelio can make any hole or patch work disappear and look like  it never existed and that includes the medicine cabinets or soffits. He has him own team that he uses to remove wallpaper, remove popcorn ceilings, mud, tape, texture and paint and it is always the same team.

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