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We have a small list of Local Small Businesses that we hire for specific projects or use in our own personal life that we recommend. As we meet new people, work with them regularly and are willing to recommend them, we will continue to update this page with more information


JT Electric
(469) 261-0893
For all your Electrical Service Needs Contact JT Electric
Not only do hire & we use JT Electric on our job sites that require a Master Electrician but we also use JT Electric in our personal lives and at our homes if a need requires a Master Electrician

Tree of Life Olive Oil
(888) 290-3868

This company takes pride on supplying our customers with a variety of the world’s finest extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars. They import the freshest selection of single varietal extra virgin olive oils from around the globe.

The flavored oils and vinegars are all natural and vegetarian. They also have additional products catering to those who love to cook.


Glass Leader Auto Glass
(469) 432-7865
For all your Windshield Repair & Replacement Needs. Glass Leader Auto Glass will come to your home or work (or job site) to replace your Windshield Glass

Fit with Daniel
(903) 261-4328

Fit with Daniel is the largest privately owned fitness center based in Rowlett, TX. They offer outdoor and indoor Zumba classes to the community for the low price of just $2.

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